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The 23+ Best AI Tools to Boost Your Productivity in 2023

Ai tools

Do you want to save time whilst still getting things done? You’re in luck! In the past few years, AI technology has been advancing rapidly and there are now loads of amazing AI tools that can help improve your workflow and productivity, and free up more hours in your day.

Chat GPT isn’t the only useful application of AI – by taking advantage of these cutting-edge tools, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever before to stay organized and efficient whilst remaining creative. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best AI tools available in 2023 to start you saving time right away!

What Are AI Tools?

AI tools are computer programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate various processes. They utilize algorithms such as natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technology to analyze data, simulate tasks and make decisions.

AI tools are increasingly being used for a variety of different use cases, with students using them in schools to help with essay writing, and in businesses all across the globe to help tick off their to-do lists. The possible applications are endless. Believe it or not, most of this very paragraph was written using AI!

Why Should You Use AI Tools?

In our busy world, using your time strategically is more important than ever. Artificial intelligence tools allow you to take care of tedious and time-consuming tasks in just a few clicks, freeing up your precious time and energy for more creative work.

Time is money nowadays, and AI can help you budget it out effectively, leaving you with more of it for the things that actually matter.

Think of AI like a helping hand that never gets tired – no matter how many projects you have on your plate, an AI tool will work accurately and efficiently to get the job done.

Using AI tools can help you have more control over your workflow, allowing you to reach higher levels of productivity not previously possible with only very minimal effort on your part.

AI Tools for Content Creation

In the world of content creation, AI tools are becoming the go-to solution for bloggers, video creators, and writers alike. With AI tools, we humans can focus on the creative process, whilst technology takes care of the more mundane tasks.

For example – with AI tools for blogging, you can create enticing headlines, improve your writing style, or even generate optimized content automatically.

Likewise, AI-powered video creation tools can also assist you in producing attention-grabbing content that captivates your audience.

And let’s not forget about the perks AI tools offer for writing, whether it’s crafting a captivating story or creating persuasive copy that sells. AI can help you refine your language, tone, and style, making your words jump off the page.

So why not embrace the power of AI for your content creation needs? With AI tools at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit!

AI Writing Tools

Ai writer

Writing is one of AI’s strongest attributes, and having a virtual assistant of sorts is great for brainstorming ideas and refining your writing.

AI for Copywriting

Fast-track your growth and send your conversions skyrocketing with these AI tools designed for content marketing.

Jasper AI

Jasper is a revolutionary AI writing tool designed to help marketers create effective content quickly and easily. Leveraging GPT-3, it provides more than 50 professionally crafted templates covering everything from blog posts to Facebook ads and video scripts. Jasper is one of the most versatile and robust AI tools available, so the applications are endless. This is probably the best bang for your buck you are going to get on this list.

You can try Jasper for free and get 10,000 credits to use in text generation. Once your trial period is over, you can take advantage of paid plans starting at just $40/month.

Copy AI

Copy AI is an outstanding choice for creating unique and fleshed-out copy using artificial intelligence. It is easy to use and allows users to produce creative content quickly and at a strikingly low cost. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive user interface, Copy AI enables writers to lean back and relax with no detriment to quality.

The Free Plan provides 2,000 words per month while the Pro Plan provides unlimited words for only $36 per month. (Click here for 40% off your first year)

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is an exceptional tool for content creators looking for an easy way to create engaging copy quickly and efficiently. With its unique selection of features and high-quality output, there’s no doubt that this is still one of the best AI copywriters out there today!

Shortly is a great choice for established businesses especially, and avoids lots of the feature bloat you see with other AI models nowadays – focusing on increasing the quality of the base product instead. Its plans start at just $65 a month.

AI for Story/Creative Writing

Are you tired of slogging through mundane filler words and just want to get to the creative part of writing already? If so, these tools are for you!


Sudowrite provides an excellent set of features for authors looking to write compelling stories quickly and easily. From helping them discover the right keywords to offering insightful data on how readers will perceive their work, this AI story generator was built by writers, for writers, and is great for anyone who wants to make the best use of their time when creating stories.

It’s free to try and costs $10/month after the free trial period.


Rytr is an AI story generator that stands out among other similar ai story-writing tools due to its powerful features and competitive pricing. The neural network backing Rytr has been trained on over 500,000 stories, so its results are reliable and creative. With its low price point, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to quickly generate compelling content for any creative project!

It is free to use if you generate less than 10.000 characters/month, with any usage above that requiring a paid plan. Paid plans start at $9/month. 


Writesonic is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to quickly create stories or narrative outlines with natural language processing technology. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use while its advanced features give you more control over the output. This tool is honestly a steal, as it includes many sub-tools and can be used exceptionally for copywriting as well.

There is a free trial available, and the paid plan starts at $12.67 a month for 60,000 words

Novel AI

NovelAI is an incredibly useful, great value story writer tool for authors looking to explore the latest advancements in artificial intelligence while staying connected within the writing community. Whether they are searching for inspiration or want to create a more intricate story/world, this AI story tool has them covered!

With its exceptional capabilities and impressive range of options, it’s no wonder why NovelAI has become such a popular choice amongst fiction writers everywhere!

A free trial is available with the paid plans starting at only $10.

AI Media Creation Tools

Ai in for media creation

I think that this facet of AI will really begin to shine in the years ahead of us, and will revolutionize the way people share ideas online.

AI Video Creators And Editors


Video editing has never been easier! Runway helps you quickly and easily edit and enhance your existing footage – remove backgrounds, paint out objects, add subtitles, and more. No prior technical skills or expensive software are needed.

Along with offering a host of editing tools, Runway has a built-in AI video generator and image creator, with the video generator being able to take any video and apply a new style/aesthetic of your choosing to it, or create something entirely new and unique all by itself.

You can create 3 projects completely for free with their free trial, after which you’ll need a paid plan – with Runway’s most popular plan costing $12/editor/month.


Unscreen is any editor’s dream – it takes one of the worst, mundane jobs in the field of video creation and does it automatically. The days of green screen are no longer – you can just use AI to accurately remove backgrounds and mask out unwanted features from your videos with ease.

This AI-powered technology detects even the smallest details, meaning super accurate results every time, with no weird artifacts or glitches. It can even handle HAIR, without any tedious work on your part, whilst also avoiding pixelation and fuzziness – all of which were simply unheard of up until now.

Get started for free with gif exports and a 5-second limitation, or upgrade to an enhanced version without a watermark starting at only $1.79 per minute of video. No more pixel-hunting for you!


Descript is a comprehensive AI media tool, which serves as your recording software, your tool for transcriptions and subtitles, your scriptwriter, your voiceover artist, your video editor, and your publishing/clip creation software. Yeah… it’s a lot – there are more features as well – I’m barely getting started.

Descript is great for video creation and editing, allowing you to add various visual elements, titles, and captions, animate layers on the fly, and seamlessly remove and replace parts of the video you didn’t like. It allows you to create a fully-fledged AI voiceover for use in your content, with stock voices or the ability to clone your own voice.

Bring your videos to life quickly and easily with their free trial, or upgrade to their paid plans for expanded features – starting at just $12.


Lumen5 is a powerful AI tool that allows you to quickly and easily create videos. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface enables users to generate educational, marketing, and business video content in minutes. You can translate things like podcasts and essays into a more engaging medium easily with the help of Lumen5, with paid plans starting at $19.

AI Transcription Tools


Rev is a top-notch AI transcription web app with impressive turnaround time and accuracy. Its interactive editor allows you to review your audio alongside a timestamped transcript, adjust playback speed, highlight, strikethrough, make notes, and add comments. It also offers a content hub feature where you can invite coworkers to join and collaborate.

With a robust user experience and impressive versatility, Rev is one of the simplest and most effective AI transcription tools, starting at only $0.25 per minute.


Otter is a voice-to-text transcription tool that automatically picks up the voices in an audio feed, processes it through an AI algorithm, and starts printing the words as text which is ready to read, highlight, and copy. While this is the central feature of the app, it also includes a set of features that help you leverage transcription for other use cases.

You can install the Otter mobile app on your phone and record your thoughts or interview anyone on the go. Alternatively, if you have audio or video files with voices, you can upload them to Otter and it’ll start turning all the speech into text – which is great for extracting your favorite quotes from an interview or podcast. If you’re dealing with lots of video meetings, you can set up the Otter Bot to join each call with you and automatically transcribe everything that’s said.


Sonix is probably the best AI transcription app in terms of accuracy. It works extremely quickly, often churning out fully-fledged transcriptions in only 5 minutes, which is especially surprising given its aforementioned accuracy.

To ensure that your transcriptions are 100% free of any discrepancies, Sonix includes a “quality” feature that indicates how confident the app is about the transcript.

In the editor, a “confidence level” metric highlights uncertain words, making it easy to polish transcripts, and allowing you to assess whether manual help is necessary to bring the transcripts up to par.

Additionally, you can customize your vocabulary, mix and match different audio clips or opt for higher flexibility with their premium plans – starting at $22/user/month (plus $5/hour) for some extra collaboration tools and customization options.

AI Music Tools

Ai music production

I’m going to shy away from AI music generators themselves, as they are still in rather a rough state as of mid-2023. Instead, in this section I’ll guide you through some AI tools that can actually help you create and refine your own music. I will write an article in the future detailing fully AI-generated music and its applications!


LALAL.AI is a powerful AI tool that uses a neural network to extract components from a piece of music (e.g. vocals, guitar, etc.) and separates them into usable individual tracks. This is great if you want to remix a song, make quick edits to a finished composition, create karaoke backing tracks, or if you just want help with sampling. It’s simple to use and offers a full preview of extractions, so you can adjust it to your needs.

With one-off packages for either 90 or 300 minutes of extraction, you don’t need to keep track of a subscription, which is always nice.

LANDR AI Mastering

LANDR’s AI Mastering is a great tool for less-experienced creatives who want to add the final polish to their tracks. With options to change the style to presets such as Warm, Balanced or Open: alongside options to dynamically adjust parameters like loudness and dampening, it’s an easy and quick alternative to mastering music by yourself, and is much cheaper than calling in hired help.

Although you only get a 20-second preview for free, paying a one-off fee for more in-depth results is an option. Subscribing to LANDR’s Studio tools starts at about $19.99/month, which still costs less than hiring a professional. It’s not a replacement for a human engineer’s expertise, but it sure does make music creation more accessible to the average person.

Focusrite’s FAST Verb

This is another tool that helps you really solidify the feel of your music, and this one was produced by an industry staple – Focusrite. Focusrite FAST Verb is an AI software plugin that analyzes your audio and selects the best reverb settings depending on your selected style profile. Their catalog of different presets is vast, offering style choices such as their Natural, Balanced, or Artificial profiles.

Though pro producers and industry veterans may not see much use for it, it’s an excellent hassle-free tool trained on over half a million samples that is great for solo musicians, beginners just starting out, or people who are self-publishing/producing and want to take some of the weight off of their shoulders.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial, but you can check out example tracks on SoundCloud. If you want to go ahead and buy it, you can either pay an $89.85 upfront fee for full ownership or opt for the rent-to-buy staggered payments of $5.99 monthly.

Additional AI-powered plugins, including a Limiter, Equalizer, and Compressor are also available in the Focusrite FAST Bundle – a must for those who want to load off all the mundane and unnecessarily difficult work to AI.

AI Podcast Tools


As I mentioned in the AI Video Creation segment, Descript is one capable tool- it could have easily fit right in with the transcription tools as well! Descript is an AI-powered platform that automatically transcribes, edits, and publishes podcast episodes for you, completely hassle-free.

It aims to help podcasters produce professional-sounding audio files, with its natural language processing algorithms listening to your recording in real-time, removing background noise, cutting unnecessary pauses in the conversations, and improving automatically editing the transcript to make it more readable.

It allows you to dynamically edit on the fly, and if there is a specific thing you said that you’d like to cut out (e.g. a swear word), you can just search the word in the transcript and easily remove it using the timecode! It also allows you to eliminate filler words like “uh” and “um” to save time and ensure accurate, mistake-free content.


Podcastle is an all-in-one package that is tailored to streamline the podcasting process using a host of helpful AI tools.

Podcastle will ensure that all your episodes sound professional and polished by automating tedious tasks like removing background noises and balancing audio levels, alongside allowing you to create a custom voiceover using your own voice – which is great for creating podcasts on the go or going back over something you said in the original recording.

It also includes a suite of other tools too, ranging from a built-in publishing service that helps you distribute your podcast on all of the most popular platforms, to a built-in editor that allows you to easily tweak everything to your liking.

Podcastle is a great centralized platform for anyone looking to start a professional podcast and get it up and running in no time at all!

AI Blogging/SEO Tools


This AI tool combines an AI writer, SEO optimizer, and content/keyword cluster planner. They are available for purchase individually, or in a bundle called INK Suite. The goal of this app is to replace the multiple tools that copywriters already use and combine them into one platform for an improved workflow and seamless user experience Virtually all of the tools needed to cover the different aspects of SEO and copywriting are included in one, easy-to-use package.

Each of the INK tools can be used for free with some limitations to the plan, or purchased separately or in a bundle, with the bundle starting at only $49 a month (that’s a bargain compared to the alternative of purchasing several external tools for the same price or more apiece to reach essentially the same end result!)


Surfer is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps you to grow and maintain your website content effectively. Surfer suggests step-by-step ways to optimize website content by detecting internal link opportunities and missing keywords, and speeds up your content creation by providing a built-in google-docs-like text editor, weekly content idea/keyword generation, and even outlines to start writing from.

AI Image Generation Tools

AI Art and image generation

AI image generators have kind of taken the world by storm – their applications seem to be endless and to be honest, sometimes it’s just a bit of fun to mess around and create your own AI-generated art. Your imagination is the only limit!


Midjourney is an independent AI art generator that gives you deep control over what the AI generates, with custom parameters and key phrases that can boost your results and help you get something that fits what you were looking for and you are really happy with. The community surrounding this is amazing as well, offering free support and prompts to get your creativity stirring.

It’s currently in beta and can be accessed through their Discord server. The trial version limits you to 25 queries, and you get four image options within a minute of generating text requests. But watch out, the tool is kind of addictive, and you might find yourself out of those 25 queries surprisingly fast.


DALL-E 2 is one of the most well-known AI image generators, which specializes in Creating realistic images and art by using text input.

Famously, it is developed by the same company that created Chat GPT, a chatbot-style AI system that has taken the world by storm this past year due to its versatility and ease of use.

With this magical tool, you can write anything you want, and receive the image almost immediately. From an astronaut riding a llama in a photorealistic style to a cow sitting in a field in the style of Claude Monet, the sky’s the limit – whatever wacky concepts you can dream up can easily become a reality.

Sadly, there is no trial version, and you have to buy generation tokens to even get started.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is another text-to-image model like DALL-E 2 that generates images based on text descriptions or modifies existing ones – all for absolutely 100% free.

It is open source and moddable, so you can train your own models or even customize the AI engine itself to fit your needs – if you have enough experience. You can also run it either in your browser or on your own computer – all at no absolutely no cost.

You can try it out on their website without needing a credit card or registration – all you need is an idea and a few words to describe the desired image.


AI is becoming more accessible than ever, with more and more web and mobile developers using it to create tools and apps that help to eradicate the mundane tasks that clog up our free time. Such tools are only going to get more useful, so what are you waiting for? there are virtually no downsides – integrate AI into your workflow today!