Elijah Chadney

Hi, I'm Elijah

Welcome to my blog!

I am a 16 year old blogger who took a year out of school for my own mental health and to work on building a business.

Here is a bunch of stuff that adheres to the title of this page:

I have a passion for writing, game design, art, tech, film making, directing and gaming. 

I love being immersed in strange, exciting worlds. Whether its books, films or videogames (all of my favorite things) my interest stems from the same fascination with worldbuilding. I love being swept up in carefully crafted adventures full of engaging dialogue and delightful details that really bring the world to life.

I moved to England in 2017, I currently live in Torquay Devon, and suffered through a couple of pretty wild years at my school. In the end, after I had done a whole year of GCSEs and lived through a pandemic, I made the decision to leave in June of 2022. Its been really tough, but now I feel I am a better person because of it.

I’ve had to learn how to self-moderate and recognise when something is wrong within myself, and find a way to fix it. I’ve learnt to self-regulate and reflect on what I feel and think to make a change for the better. I've had a unique journey spanning continents filled with hard lessons I've had to learn that I hope I can spare others from. I’ve battled feelings of loneliness, meaninglessness, and self-doubt. Just this year I've had to grapple with self-motivation and procrastination. I feel I can share snippets of my insight into problems that teens like me struggle with, and use this blog as a platform to talk about these emotions that hormones so unceremoniously shoved in our faces. Hopefully for someone, I may make them feel a little less alone.

In the future it is in my interest to make a course for teens on how to make enough money to buy property at 20, and guide them through making money online and all of the mental/emotional stuff that no one else talks about.

You can contact me at: