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7+ Best AI Story Generator Tools for Creative Writers (2023)

7 best ai story generators.

If you’re a creative writer, you know too well the challenge of coming up with a great story idea. It can take hours of brainstorming and research to come up with something that really grabs the reader’s attention. But what if there were a way to get help from artificial intelligence (AI) to help us with all that behind-the-scenes stuff? 

Enter AI story generators – powerful tools that use AI algorithms to generate compelling plotlines, characters, and settings for stories. AI writing tools for fiction authors are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Let’s take a closer look at how these AI story-writer tools work and why they could be your new story-writing companion/robot best friend.

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What are the Best AI Story Generator Tools?

In this section, I will rank and review the 7+ best AI story generator tools on the market. I will base my rankings on features, use cases, pros, cons, and pricing. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Overall

Jasper AI

Property 1Webclip
  • Over 50 Templates
  • Includes a Long-form Content Editor
  • Jasper Chat (a Powerful Alternative to Chat GPT)
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Plot Generator and Character Development Tools
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Best Value


  • 100k Words a Month for Only $9
  • Downloadable Chrome Extension

  • In-Depth Documentation
  • Built-In Plagiarism Checker.
  • “Story Plot” Use-Case AI assistant
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Best FoR Creativity


  • Automated Keyword Suggestions
  • Uses AI to Provide Reader Feedback Tailored to Your Target Audience
  • Brainstorm Feature to Help With Contextual Ideas
  • Rephrasing, Style Mimicking, In-Depth Descriptions
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1. Jasper AI

Jasper is the leading AI story generator for writers looking to create amazing stories

Jasper is the leading AI story generator for writers looking to write compelling stories using the power of machine learning. Its natural language processing and neural network algorithms can help writers craft powerful, thought-provoking narratives with ease.

It offers writers a range of features to support their story development process, including:

  • An idea bank with over 50 templates (including Creative Story)

  • A plot generator

  • Character development tools

  • A Google Docs-like editor that can be accessed from any web browser.

  • Access to SEO tools to make your writing a little more search-engine friendly.

For those seeking more advanced capabilities, Jasper’s Bossmode long-form content editor provides even greater control over the narrative. With this feature, writers can create complex stories with ease through its intuitive user interface.

Additionally, Jasper Chat makes it possible to generate new ideas/characters/short stories simply by providing the AI system with simple inputs. For added convenience and flexibility, there is also a Chrome extension available that allows Jasper to integrate into any text editor.

To support its users further, Jasper also offers tutorials and other support services on how best to use the platform for maximum success.

In terms of pricing options, it starts at $24 per month for 20K words generated with basic features (Starter Plan) or $49 per month for 50K words generated with all of the features available with Jasper (Boss Mode Plan).

Higher word counts are available for a higher price, along with custom plans being available. The monthly cost for all plans is less if you purchase an annual plan. Here is a link to their pricing plans so you can balance what features you think you’ll need.

In summary, Jasper stands out as one of the best AI writing generators due to its impressive range of powerful features supported by machine learning technology that ensures constant improvements in performance over time.

Not only does it provide writers with all the necessary tools they need to create compelling characters and interesting story plots, but it allows them to do so at an affordable cost while enjoying greater freedom and flexibility than ever before with other AI story generator tools.

When you purchase Jasper through the links on this page, you’ll get 10,000 bonus credits added to your account at no additional cost to you!


Jasper is the best for writers who want a wide range of features to help them all the way from developing story ideas to full-on AI-generated novels. It is a fantastic all-around fiction and non-fiction AI story generator. It is perfect for writers who want an AI story generator that is constantly learning and improving through AI machine-learning technology to be the best AI story-writing program.

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2. Rytr

Rytr is an AI story generator that stands out among other similar tools due to its powerful features and competitive pricing.

Rytr is an AI story generator that stands out among other similar ai story-writing tools due to its powerful features and competitive pricing. The neural network backing Rytr has been trained on over 500,000 stories, so its results are reliable and creative.

Users can specify the genre, style, length, and other parameters of their story before they generate it, making it an ideal tool for anyone who wants to quickly come up with an idea or get help with narrowing down the scope of their writing project.

In addition to providing users with the ability to easily generate stories according to their specifications, Rytr also incorporates several key features that make it even more useful for writers. Here’s a breakdown of a couple of the stand-out features.

  • Includes a built-in plagiarism checker.

  • Rytr has a downloadable Chrome extension that all plan levels can access, for convenient use of Rytr while writing.

  • Rytr can generate multiple alterations of a story, so you can pick the one you like best.

  • Use their “Story Plot” use-case AI assistant to help you as the story writer create compelling stories.

  • All plans have access to Rytr’s amazing community for support, and the in-depth documentation on their website.

  • Access to SEO tools to make your writing a little more search-engine friendly.

All plans have access to Rytr's fantastic community for support and in-depth documentation on their website.

Those who opt for the free plan have access to 10k characters per month and can write in 30+ languages/20 tones; furthermore, this plan allows users to generate up to 5 AI images per month.

For those who need more than what the free plan provides, there are two paid options – the Saver Plan and Unlimited Plan. The former includes everything from the free plan along with 10 times the amount of characters and 20 AI-generated images for only $9 a month.

With the Unlimited Plan, however, users unlock even more features such as UNLIMITED characters plus 100 AI-generated images, as well as a dedicated account manager and premium priority support for only $29 a month.

As always, purchasing an annual plan is more cost-effective if you plan to stick with Rytr, with a generous perk of 2 months free in both paid plans. I’d recommend trying out the free level and messing with Rytr’s AI story-writing tool before investing in an annual plan once you’re sure of your workflow.

The main grievance I have with Rytr has nothing to do with its features, only that the amount of content you can create is much more limited compared to the likes of most other AI-powered story generators.


Overall, Rytr is an excellent choice for any writer looking for ways to improve their creativity or add some flavor to their work without having to spend too much money. With its strong variety of features and competitive pricing plans – not forgetting its ability to produce AI images – Rytr stands out among other AI story generators and is sure to be a great help in creating AI-generated stories!

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3. WriteSonic

Writesonic is a powerful AI story generator that can help you create engaging stories and narrative outlines quickly and easily.

Writesonic is a powerful AI story generator that can help you create intriguing stories and narrative outlines quickly and easily. Through its intuitive interface, the software can automatically generate believable scenarios with natural writing that keeps readers engaged.

Its content generation pipeline follows 4 simple steps:

  1. Get ideas (the included ChatSonic is great for this)

  2. Get an AI-generated intro

  3. Get an outline (The AI story plot generator is amazing)

  4. Get a story – as easy as that.

It also has advanced features such as:

  • Chatbot support with their cutting-edge AI Chatbot ‘ChatSonic’ (it’s more up-to-date than Chat-GPT)

  • 100+ AI templates in 25+ languages

  • Comes with a browser/WordPress extension

  • Includes an AI blog article writer

  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs-like editor)

  • API access available

  • An incredible amount of internal tools, ranging from a paraphrasing tool to a content lengthener

WriteSonic gives the user access to different qualities of generated text, ranging from economy to premium. They are interchangeable (so if you have 19,000 premium words those also count as 190,000 economy words. One premium word is equal to 10 economy ones, so you can definitely play around with which type you use to make the most out of your words)

Here’s a handy graphic to help you out:

A table showing Writesonic's word grading system

The pricing here is based on the annual plan, which is cheaper monthly, and all word counts are based on the premium word type previously mentioned.

The Free Trial plan allows you to write up to 2,500 words per month with basic features, while the Long-form plan starts at $12.67 / month and includes all the features of the free plan, plus the ability to create 19K words with premium processing.

Here is the feature comparisons side by side (On the left is the free plan, and on the right is the long-form plan):

On the left is the free level, and on the right it is the long form plan.

With Writesonic’s intuitive interface and advanced capabilities, users can easily create high-quality content for their projects in a fraction of the time it would take manually. It’s also very cost-effective as you can get started for free or upgrade for additional features depending on your needs.

The software also provides excellent customer service with helpful tutorials and resources which makes things even easier for beginners.


Overall, Writesonic is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to quickly create stories or narrative outlines with natural language processing technology. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use while its advanced features give you more control over the output. With its low price point, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to quickly generate compelling content for any creative project without breaking the bank!

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4. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a powerful AI-powered writing platform that can help authors of any level create stories quickly and easily.

Sudowrite is a powerful AI-powered writing platform that can help authors of any level create stories quickly and easily.

Its natural language processing and machine learning algorithms have been fine-tuned by actual novel writers to create the perfect workflow and style for the generated text. This aspect of Sudowrite makes it stand out among other AI story generators – it is made 100% for creative writing. It comes packed with a wide range of helpful features, such as:

  • Automated keyword suggestions

  • Insights into reader preferences based on an audience you specify

  • The Brainstorm feature can help with contextual ideas for character names, dialogue, world details, descriptions, plot points, and much more!

  • You can select a sentence, paragraph, etc., and then click the Rewrite button to make Sudowrite rephrase the content, add in-depth descriptions, mimic a famous style, or transform your text in other ways

  • Now for my favorite feature this story generator offers – reader feedback… without any actual readers. No PR for you! Yay!

A showcase of my favorite feature of sudowrite, their AI feedback tool!
  • And many more immensely helpful tools to propel your writing to the next level!

Here is a graphic of some of the unique features Sudowrite provides:

A screenshot from Sudowrite's website detailing all of the incredible tools you could have at your disposal.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to craft captivating stories tailored to your intended audience without having to invest too much effort.

Furthermore, Sudowrite offers comprehensive resources and support for multiple languages, allowing users to switch between them and use most of the extra tools without facing any difficulty in any language they want, just by typing in that language and letting it pick it up.

A short demo of Sudowrite's capabilities as an AI writer.

Moreover, its library of resources is incredibly comprehensive and available in various languages, making it a great choice for writers from all walks of life. This story generator makes it easier than ever for anyone to create engaging stories tailored specifically to their target audience’s needs – all with just a few clicks.

When you purchase Sudowrite through the links on this page, you’ll get 10,000 words added to your account at no additional cost to you!

Sudowrite's pricing table, ranging from $10 a month for 30k to only $20 for 90k words.

Sudowrite starts at just $10 per month for their Hobbyist/Student Plan with 30,000 generated words a month

Their best deal is the Professional level, where you can generate 90,000 words per month for just $20/month. One thing I love about Sudowrite is that they don’t gate any features behind a price point, and you get the full experience you paid for out of the box.


Overall, Sudowrite provides an excellent set of features for authors looking to write engaging stories quickly and easily. From helping them discover the right keywords to offering insightful data on how readers will perceive their work, this AI story generator is great for anyone who wants to make the best use of their time when creating stories.

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5. Copy AI

Copy AI is a powerful AI text generator that offers users the ability to generate stories with minimal effort. Powered by GPT-3, the latest algorithm for natural language processing, Copy AI can create stories based on inputs like genre, topic, and plot.

Copy AI is a powerful AI text generator that offers users the ability to generate stories with minimal effort. Powered by GPT-3, the latest algorithm for natural language processing, Copy AI can create stories based on inputs like genre, topic, and plot.

Its Chrome Extension further enhances the user experience by allowing users to easily generate stories on Google Docs and other apps.

Furthermore, its Freestyle template enables users to craft stories with captivating natural writing without having to put in too much effort. The more specific details you give it, the better story will be.

Showcase of Copy AI's freestyle writing module.

Because the Freestyle template produces natural writing, it means it can take less time and effort on your part to edit these stories to make them readable. You’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your stories.

Whether it’s AI copywriting for blogs or long-form storytelling, Copy AI can easily write at the same level as professional writers no matter the task at hand, if used correctly.

A screenshot of Copy AI's pricing plans.

In terms of financial customization options, Copy AI offers two plans – the Free Plan and the Pro Plan – for content creation at scale. The Free Plan provides 2,000 words per month while the Pro Plan provides UNLIMITED words for only $36 per month.

The links to Copy AI in this article have a built-in one-time offer of 40% off for the first year if you upgrade to the paid plan within 4 days of creating your free account!


All in all, Copy AI is an outstanding choice for creating unique and compelling stories using artificial intelligence. It is easy to use and allows users to produce creative content quickly and at a strikingly low cost. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive user interface, Copy AI enables writers to create high-quality content without compromising on creativity or quality. This is probably the best bang for your buck you are going to get on this list.

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6. Novel AI

NovelAI is an exciting and revolutionary new AI-driven story generator that offers the perfect platform for fiction writers to create imaginative and captivating stories.

NovelAI is an exciting and revolutionary new AI-driven story generator that offers the perfect platform for fiction writers to create imaginative and captivating stories. Its innovative use of artificial intelligence enables users to generate unique plotlines, characters, settings, and backgrounds with amazing accuracy.

The program offers a wide variety of fiction genres and writing styles, so even the pickiest authors can find something suitable for their stories. It also provides help with plots and characters as well as being able to replicate the writing style of your favorite authors.

NovelAI utilizes AI algorithms to develop new ideas based on many different user-controlled parameters. This technology allows fiction writers to come up with creative solutions for any situation without having to spend countless hours brainstorming. It also includes the ‘lore book’ feature, which allowed authors to plan out the structure of their world in an organized and accessible fashion.

Moreover, the app features a customizable editor that can be modified anytime by changing typefaces, sizes, and color schemes. In addition, users have access to share their work with others and get feedback while keeping their writing safe through encrypted servers.

A screenshot of novel ai's pricing.

The Paper tier includes a free trial of NovelAI – with 100 free AI generations.

The Tablet tier ($10/month) includes access to Euterpe, their best AI Storyteller, and 1024 tokens of memory.

The Scroll tier ($15/month) includes everything from the previous tier with double the amount of memory tokens.

The Opus tier ($25/month) includes everything from the previous tier, access to all of the AI Storytellers, and access to new and experimental features!

All paid plans have unlimited text generations, so you can mess around with all your favorite genres and writing styles before you settle down!


Overall, NovelAI is an incredibly useful, great value story writer tool for authors looking to explore the latest advancements in artificial intelligence while staying connected within the writing community. Whether they are searching for inspiration or want to create a more intricate story/world, this AI story tool has them covered! With its exceptional capabilities and impressive range of options, it’s no wonder why NovelAI has become such a popular choice amongst fiction writers everywhere!

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7. Shortly AI

Shortly AI is one of the first AI story-writing tools that still remains on the market today.

Shortly AI is one of the first AI story-writing tools that still remains on the market today. While not as feature-packed and streamlined as many more recent ones (such as Jasper, which actually recently acquired Shortly) it is still a very viable option that is probably better suited to speeding up your writing process rather than writing a creative story entirely for you with no input. With its GPT-3 technology, it can still absolutely generate stories with remarkable accuracy and speed. Not only that, but it also offers a host of commands that make it ideal for content creators seeking to create compelling stories quickly and easily.

For starters, Shortly AI enables users to specify the type of story they wish to create. Whether you’re a blogger looking for an entertaining piece or a marketer aiming to craft an effective narrative sales pitch, Shortly AI’s tools allow you to tailor your story accordingly. Furthermore, you can choose how long your story should be and set other parameters such as the target audience or tone.

Shortly's pricing plans. No tiers, just monthly or annual.

In addition to this great selection of features, Shortly AI also offers both monthly and yearly plans with unlimited use for each option. This is extremely beneficial for those who need to generate stories frequently and do not want to worry about running out of uses before their subscription ends.

Finally, Shortly AI does not compromise on quality when it comes to its generated content. Its GPT-3 technology ensures that stories created by the software are original, natural, and accurate – meaning no more time wasted trying to clean up content or worrying about plagiarism! Plus, thanks to its machine learning capabilities, Shortly AI continues getting better over time as it learns from user feedback and adjusts accordingly.


All in all, Shortly AI is an exceptional tool for content creators looking for an easy way to create engaging stories quickly and efficiently. With its unique selection of features, affordability options, and high-quality output – there’s no doubt that this is still one of the best AI story generators out there today!

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Bonus! Narrative Device AI

Looking for a unique way to spark your creativity and generate new story ideas? Look no further than Narrative Device AI! This free computer program uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret your input and create a cohesive narrative. Whether you’re looking to write news articles or fictional stories, Narrative Device AI can help you get started.

To use this innovative tool, simply input two theme ideas – such as “aliens” and “pizza” or “grandparents” and “space travel” – and let the software do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll have a fully-formed story paragraph that’s sure to inspire your next writing project.

How AI Story Generator Tools Work

AI story generators use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze existing texts and generate new ones based on their findings.

By analyzing the structure of existing stories and understanding the context of certain words and phrases, these algorithms are able to create entirely new stories with unique characters, plots, and settings.

To ensure accuracy, many AI-based story generation systems require users to input specific parameters such as genre, tone, length, etc., before generating a story. 

The Benefits of an AI Story Generator

Aside from saving time by automating the process of generating stories, using an AI-based system also offers some additional benefits for creative writers.

For one thing, it can provide new perspectives on familiar topics, which can often lead to more creative and original ideas than if you had tried brainstorming without help from an AI system.

Additionally, since many AI-driven story generator tools allow users to customize parameters such as character traits or setting details before generating a plotline or scene description, writers can have greater control over their stories while still relying on the power of an AI algorithm to do some of the heavy-lifting for them.

Lastly, using an AI-driven system can help writers become better at their craft by showing them how successful authors approach different types of stories in terms of structure and content. 

Can AI Write Stories?

AI has the potential to expedite and simplify the process of creating stories. Regardless of how powerful the AI story-writing tool is, the quality of the writing will always depend on the original human input. There are a plethora of tools available that can help make the process of creating solid frameworks and ideas for your stories much easier if you are struggling, some of which are included in the aforementioned AI story generators. By taking advantage of any free trials these apps may offer, you can find out for yourself if AI is capable of writing high-quality stories.

How to Choose the Right AI Story Generator for You

This is subjective as you might have guessed, and it depends on what type of story you want to create. For example, some AI writers will be more suited for long-form novels, and others better for smaller short stories. I suggest you try out one of the AI writers that come with a free trial (some of the links in this article will give you more word generations to use if you follow them!) and see what you think after you’ve tried a couple of different ones.

Conclusion – The Best AI Story Generator for 2023

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced writer looking for fresh ideas or just someone who wants help getting their creative juices flowing again after a long dry spell, consider giving an AI-driven story generator a try!

Not only will it save you time in terms of researching potential plotlines and characters but it can also provide you with unique insights into your unique writing style while helping you hone your craft even further.

So don’t let writer’s block keep you down – give an AI-driven story generator a try today!